Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bubbles the Seahorse

I'm back in the mood to make a few Bubbles, my seahorse.
I have one gold one done and four blue ones in various stages of being done.
It should be fun to get back "in the saddle."


someraven said...

I have a real pretty bubbles...a black one.

*Linda* said...

My bubbles are gas. HA! LOL!!!

Pegi Sue said...

HI LINDA!!! I have someof your Bubbles here!! Maybe one day I'll have another gallery and they can hang in the window again!! I would love to have a Bubble's Christmas Tree one day!!:)

I O U = 1 Turtle!!!:)

*Linda* said...

PS how about the giant turtle I showed you last week. We could ride him like Nemo's dad did Crush.

I am soooooo looking forward to vacation in May. Wished you & G could join us on this one. I'll take lots of picture and video.
Manta rays and whale sharks!!!