Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Merri Mermaid

Years ago, maybe 18?, I purchased this mermaid pattern. It is a Kalico Kastle - Sea Angles pattern - not my design.

Anyway I used to make these 2' long mermaids for friends and sold a few at little local arts & crafts shows. They were fun to make and I loved the smiles they brought. After a while I couldn't find the knit fabric I loved for their skin so I quit making them and moved on to other projects.

When I found new "skin" fabric earlier this year I decided to make one for an auction raising $ for my favorite website, Bonaire Talk. Then I couldn't find the curly hair I used to find at Michaels or Joanns Fabrics and decided to experiment with yarn.

This picture shows how nicely the yarn is for mermaid hair. I think I'll do MY hair next.
All she needs now is her bikini top.
What do you think? :-)

Merri Mermaid

I decided to do a test mermaid before offering up one for an aution this fall.

In these first photos Merri needs one more skein of "hairy" yarn to finish her head of hair, something pretty to put in her hair and a top to wear.