Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Merri Mermaid

Years ago, maybe 18?, I purchased this mermaid pattern. It is a Kalico Kastle - Sea Angles pattern - not my design.

Anyway I used to make these 2' long mermaids for friends and sold a few at little local arts & crafts shows. They were fun to make and I loved the smiles they brought. After a while I couldn't find the knit fabric I loved for their skin so I quit making them and moved on to other projects.

When I found new "skin" fabric earlier this year I decided to make one for an auction raising $ for my favorite website, Bonaire Talk. Then I couldn't find the curly hair I used to find at Michaels or Joanns Fabrics and decided to experiment with yarn.

This picture shows how nicely the yarn is for mermaid hair. I think I'll do MY hair next.
All she needs now is her bikini top.
What do you think? :-)


Pegi Sue said...

Linda, She is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her face, it's so sweet!!!!
You are very good at this!!!


PS, I still owe you a turtle, I know this, but I need a kick in the a$$ to get myself going!!

*Linda* said...

Thanks PS. It takes me forever to do the faces. You need to help me with those. :-)

I might come up there and give you that kick in the butt. Just kidding. Inspiration can't be forced.

See ya!

Denise said...

She is beautiful :-) Her face makes her look like a little sweetheart rather than a siren
calling mariners to their watery demise ! ha!

You posted earlier that you were deciding on someting pretty to put in her hair. I think a little sea shell would be nice.

someraven said...

SHE IS VERY pretty! How's about a couple of sea shells for her bikini top?

*Linda* said...

Cute idea. We'll see what happens this coming weekend. I may just make the same one I've made before. Just too lazy to finish the project. :-)